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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Making Tortilla Chips

A quick guide to making Tortilla Chips!

Step 1: Mix Maseca (corn flour available from Mexican shops) with water into a dough (not too soft). For each tortilla, break of a lump small enough to fit in your palm and shape into a ball.

With the dough between two sheets of plastic (cut some freezer bags in half), use a tortilla press (or something flat and heavy) to flatten to about 3mm thick.

Step 2: Cook the tortillas in a hot pan with no oil. Flip them after about 5 seconds and then turn them again after a minute or so when they turn brown underneath...'ll know when they are nearly done as they'll inflate like this:

Step 3: Next, put a pan of oil on to heat while you chop the tortillas each into eight wedges. When the oil is hot, cook them in batches until golden.

Voila! Serve you chips with some guacamole dip, or sprinkle with cheese and oven cook for tasty nachos.

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